On October 18, 2019, Bryansk city will host the 8th SLAVONIC INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC FORUM initiated by the Government of Bryansk region with the assistance of AK&M Information Agency.

Bryansk region lies at the meeting point of the trade routes between Central Russia and Europe. The Slavonic International Economic Forum is intended to promote cooperation between countries and regions, enhance the existing economic and social ties. Every year, the Forum brings together active representatives of government authorities, the business community, research and educational organizations from Russia, Belarus, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, other countries and regions.


The progressive economic development of countries and regions should be primarily aimed at improving people’s lives. People’s interests should be the cornerstone of all reforms. The economic policy should be focused on the sustainable development of territories and ensure well-being of future generations.

The Forum will address creation of new jobs through the development of priority economic sectors, preservation of rural areas, and living environment improvements.

Saving the people will be the keynote of the discussion. Both regions of Central Russia and all the Slavic countries share this objective as these territories are plagued by a low birth rate and population ageing. The Forum will raise issues of public support for child-bearing, development of a modern healthcare system, and better life quality for the ‘silver’ population.

The future of the region is the local population, the people born, growing, studying and creating families in the region. One of the top priorities for the state and society is to do whatever is possible to encourage people to stay in their home region. The system of education and upbringing bears a huge responsibility in this respect. The ultimate goal is to bring up an honest person of good morals and education who loves the native land.

The Forum will include a plenary session and 11 thematic meetings. A special session will consider the results of the previous year’s Slavonic International Economic Forum, “Economy in a Digital Ecosystem”. As usual, the Forum will be accompanied by an exhibition of its key participants and partners, as well as a Contact Exchange.

More than 1,000 people are expected to attend the Forum, including heads of federal ministries and departments, regional government authorities, state corporations, major research and educational institutions, consultancies, industrial and agricultural companies, investment and banking players, small and medium-sized businesses, public organizations.

Forum location: Druzhba (“Friendship”) Concert Hall of the Bryansk Regional Philharmonic Society, Kalinina Street 82


Photo – 2017

Photo – 2016